• Connection of the value chain

    Construct and link Taiwan's potential new drugs and medical devices value chains (R&D;, platform technologies, core facilities) to enable them a smooth transition into the products development and commercialization process. The focus will also be in the later stages of value-chain to facilitate Taiwan into becoming a recognized leader in Asia Pacific for innovative drugs and medical devices products.

  • Identification of potential projects

    To develop a mechanism for discovering and selecting potential domestic and overseas R&D; projects and provide funding and incubation for future commercialization.

  • Securing talents for biomedical technology

    Through the established talent training mechanism the purpose is to bridge the gap between bench to bedside. This will facilitate a smoother transition for talents to cross from academia into industry.

  • Build-up Taiwan biomedical ecosystem

    Assist academia and new start-ups to utilize the new HsinChu Biopark and NanKang Biopark; and recognize the bioparks as a "one-stop shop" tool for utilization. And to serve as a window for connecting relevant government agencies with start-up companies.

[Seminar] 7/21 BioCluster and Country Forum (Bio Taiwan)(Jun-20-2016)

Seminar - BioCluster and Country ForumOrganizer:Si2C(Supra Integration and Incubation Cen ...