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STB Program (Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program)
Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB Program) is a multidisciplinary training program executed by National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL), a non-profit organization in Taiwan. STB is a unique blend between the innovative medtech culture in the Bay Area and eager young scientist from Taiwan. We hope to train the next generation of medical technology innovators and create an innovative medtech platform in Taiwan. One of the goals is to arm these STB fellows with tools to return to Taiwan and consider starting medtech efforts. This coupled with the Taiwan infrastructure of manufacturing, miniaturization, and cost reduction may be the perfect environment to surround these innovative kernels.
STB program
STB program will select highly qualified scientist (MD, PhD, and on occasion MS) to spend a year at Stanford’s Center of Cardiovascular Technology under the direct supervision of Peter J. Fitzgerald, MD, PhD. The highly selected Taiwan fellows will have access to several other members in the Cardiology division as well as multiple disciplines at the University (including
Bioengineering, Business and Medical Schools). This includes attending courses within these schools as well as weekly seminars and workshops. Additionally, these fellows will have their didactic training amplified by “real world” experiences of medtech start-ups in the Bay Area. The STB fellows have exposure from Venture Capitalist diligence and funding, to operational management (milestone to capitalization), and value towards patient integration. On occasion these fellows will observe board of directors meetings and scientific advisory board meetings for particular start-ups in medtech.
STB Club
To expand the STB influence on high-value medical device innovation in Taiwan, we start to create a Biodesign-like environment to train our young medtech innovators as seed talents and entrepreneurs. To assist STB trainees to extend their vision in innovative medtech design and entrepreneurial training, we also organize STB Club to bring them more innovative technologies and entrepreneurial know-how such as IP-protection, medtech regulation, enterprising and commercialization. We also provide an opportunity and platform to show their innovations to VCs and medtech companies.
International Communication Platform
An international STB Conference will be held every year to provide a forum to bring medical device designers, manufacturers, researchers, and investors together to share perspectives on medical devices. STB e-NET also provides a communication platform to elites from multiple disciplines to share their opinions and experiences.