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Established in November 2011, Taiwan Supra Integration and Incubation Center (Si2C) aims at “Branding Taiwan Biotech". Our major tasks are to evaluate, construct, and connect industry capabilities through value-chain analysis. The value chain examines R&D, platform technologies, and core facilities enabling movements towards the later stages of the value creation presented through the value chain. Si2C focus on the selection and incubation of domestic and overseas commercialization of R&D projects leading to technology transfer and new company formation. In addition, Si2C aims to establish the seed funding to support early stage academia R&D or startup companies linking investments in later stages of product commercialization. Si2C supports the government in establishing a new, one-stop shop biotechnology parks model. Si2C also established the mechanism and provides training courses for talent development.

Sponsored by the technology development program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the incubation program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Si2C provides funding to the academic research team and established milestone based funding and portfolio management mechanism to enhance our operating efficiency and success rate.